Sea Spirit opens its Capital to New Partners ! Join the Adventure Now !

Since its Launch, Sea Spirit ‘Mauritius’ Ltd has been able to ride the wave of its launch since its inception  by using the capital invested by its founders to get the company off the ground.

With the arrival of COVID19 , the company found itself in a situation where the cancellation of bookings for the coming months and the lack of cash flow, made the founders decide to review their initial strategy and decide to put an end to the operational lease  in order to firstly reduce the monthly charges but also the company’s indebtedness.

This is where they called upon AYOMI, a crowdfunding company that uses the latest technologies in terms of artificial intelligence, to raise capital through the respective and common networks of the founders. Their objective is to increase the capital of the company to allow it to go through this crisis with serenity while focusing on the future of the business.

All details of the projects are to be found HERE. (available in English and French).

You are welcome to check our plans and get in touch with us to get to know more.

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