The Radama Archipelago

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The Radama archipelago consists of 4 islands: Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Ovy, Nosy Antany Mora and Nosy Valiha. This archipelago has an amazing tropical vegetation and beautiful beaches that are rarely visited. The few fishing villages are worth a visit. Not only for the sympathy and hospitality of the locals, but also to discover their way of life. All dive sites are concentrated on the Mozambique Channel, about 30 minutes from the islands. These are mainly drop offs where the depth varies between 12 and 30-50 m. The spectacle is impressive and breathtaking, thanks to the giant gorgons, caves and crevasses. Regular meetings with schools of tuna, barracudas and jacks, white tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, giant lochs.... Greg Wall: this area accessible from a depth of 12 m is one of the most striking sites in the Radama archipelago. It offers you a vertiginous cave and drop-off up to 35 m, carpet of corals and populated by myriads of colourful fish.

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Nosy Kalakarojo

The first island, in the Radama archipelago, is Nosy Kalakarojo, located 50 miles south of Nosy Be. Its W side has a coral reef. This island is famous for its shipbuilding yards. The craftsmen carve canoes and dhows with a simple adze. We anchor in front of a beautiful sandy beach, on the W side. Diving is practised off the island, on the drop-off of the continental shelf.

Nosy Antany Mora

As we approach this small island, we could believe in the existence of paradise on earth, the water is surprisingly transparent and once landed the feet sink comfortably into a powdery sand with a brilliant white, the scenery is raw, wild and natural. Antany Mora Island is located 10 miles south of Nosy Kalakarojo. Approached from the north, it has many rocky islets covered with a rich sea bird life. Its long beach to the north is occupied by one of the largest shark fishing camps on this northwestern coast. The island nowadays lives from shark fishing.

Nosy Berafia or Nosy Ovy

Imposing silhouette, oriented North-South over 10 km long and three km wide, makes it a real piece of Grande-Terre where you can discover coffee, mango and jack fruit plantations. It is the largest of the islands in the archipelago. The discovery of the small village of Mahabo, perched on top of a high wooded hill, is worth a visit. Mahabo is home to the royal tombs and the Kabary house where rituals and palaver continue. It has very beautiful seabeds for diving by day and by night.

Nosy Valiha

Is a surprising island where magnificent beaches of fine white sand, a remarkable black pebble beach and a mangrove of rare beauty that brings a magical and enchanting atmosphere to this place. The crystal clear water of the lagoon that surrounds it will make lovers of tropical swimming and idleness dream. On the periphery and on the heights of the island, the vegetation is lush and wild, composed of Tamarind trees, satrana, mango trees, banana trees, coconut trees.... The island is beautifully undulating with a sumptuous sea view of at least 180°.

Trip Itinerary

The Radama Archipelago

Day 1

Welcome aboard: Nosy Iranja

Welcome aboard: Nosy Iranja

Reception of customers at 13:00, boarding the boat, then ship to the Radama archipelago, about 5.30 hours of navigation to arrive on Nosy Iranja where we anchor for the night.

Day 2



After breakfast departure for the 1st dive on the west wall Nosy Iranja then on the way for the 2nd dive on the southwest wall Nosy Iranja or Tombant Black. Then 3 hours of navigation, stopover in Antanimora for a … Read More

Day 3



Early departure for Greg Wall, for the 3rd dive then the hurricane bank or nursery for the 4th then return to Kalakajoro for swimming and visit the fishing village. Mooring for the night.

Day 4



Departure from Kalakajoro, 5th dive on the west wall Kalakajoro then the 6th Napoleon then road to Baramahamay where we arrive in the afternoon visit the village & its school. Mooring for the night.

Day 5



Departure at dawn 7th dive Rocks to Gabriel, then road for nosy Iranja, possibility of stopover, swimming and visit of the village and the lighthouse then road for the 8th dive on the Maratony bench then road to the island … Read More

Day 6

Back to Marina

Back to Marina

Early departure for the entrance bench or grand canyon for the 9th dive and or wrecks or Nosy Tanikely reserve for the last dive. After lunch, disembarkation around 3 pm.

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