Scuba diving in Mauritius

Scuba diving in Mauritius


The coastline offers wonderful underwater playground for divers, the diving and snorkelling in Mauritius should definitely be on your bucket list. Just outside the islands reef, you will find caverns and crevasses that make fascinating bottom topography an open ocean currents support many large marine species. It is possible to dive all around the island but the best diving is found along the north and west coasts. Mauritius has it all, from shallow water coral reefs to incredible underwater topography and dramatic oceanic drop offs.

A typical day onboard

After a good night sleep in your private cabin, you are awake by the crew calling for breakfast. You had a splendid night, gently cradled by the soft swing of waves last night in the lagoon behind the protection of the reef. It is time to refill your body with enough fuel for the day adventure. Your dive master greets you for the first dive briefing. The catamaran moved close to the diving spot and the speed boat is meeting her with the air cylinders ready for use. You jump into your wet suit, take your fins, mask, dive computer and BCD and climb on board the speed boat for a short navigation to the diving spot. Here you are! After the standard buddy check and last instructions, you jump into the warms ocean and enjoy a fantastic experience. Depending the location, you will enjoy sharks, dolphins, moray eels, tortoise and so on. After a load of images and bubbles, it is time to return to surface after the mandatory safe ascent and stop. Leave your scuba gear in the speedboat, our crew will get it set and ready for the next dive. For you it is time to get back on your catamaran to take a rest, grab some tea / coffee and snacks and a gentle nap while sun bathing.

In the meantime, you will cruise in the direction of the second diving spot, that won’t be long. Once ready for the second dive, your dive master will provide the new dive briefing and the whole process will start again. Depending the time of the second dive, lunch can happen before or after it.

Here you are at the end of the second dive and, after lunch, you need a really good nap. In the afternoon, the catamaran will cruise closer to the coast and may make a stop in the nearest city. It is time for visits, shopping finishing by a dinner on board or in the city. We will focus on experiencing the local cuisine.

You will be brought back on board for a last drink along with discussions with your buddies, sharing your day experience through your videos and pictures. The sunset is there, everyday different, everyday the same, everyday unique. You feel the tiredness and body strain and an urge to reach your comfortable cabin and bed. The night is waiting for your dreams, the wind blowing in the catamaran mast and rigging will provide a lullaby.

Pretty much the same day will happen in different locations. Here is a list of dive spots that we would offer to divers joining the Live onboard Experience cruises.


Trou aux Biches

Anchor Hole, Anemone, Aquarium, Caravelle, Helmut Area, Jenny Spot, Lost Anchor, Manon’s Canyon, Mimi’s Arch, North West Passage, Peter Holt’s Rock, Stenopus Reef, Stella Maru (wreck), Steven’s Cliff, Three Anchor, Water Lily & Emily (2 wrecks).

Grand Baie

Anemone Tilla, Bain Boeuf, Coral Gardens, Graveyard, Merville Patches, Pereybere Aquarium, Silver Star (wreck), West Reef, Whale Rock.

Gunner’s Quoin (Coin de mire)

Charpentier, Jabayda, The Wall.

Flat Island (île Plate)

Fosse aux Requins.

Round Island (île Ronde)

Nab Reef, Abbe Bank.


Poste de Flacq

Lobster Canyon, The Pass.

Belle Mare

Aquarium, Castle, Japanese Garden, Sea Fan Valley, Shark point.

Trou d’eau douce

Drift Dive, La Passe, The Wall.


Blue Bay, Colorado, Harold’s Point, Ile de la Passe, Lobster City, Purple Cave, Roche Zozo, The Anchor, The Sirius (wreck), Trou Moutou, Tunnel, Wahoo Point.


Le Morne

Anthony’s Place, Casiers, Castle, Cliff, Japanese Garden, Jim’s Place, La Passe, La Muriant, Needle Hole, Passe St-Jacques, Trou Aiguilles.

Grande Rivière Noire

Bubble Coral, Corps de Garde, Cheminee, Gorgonia.

Flic en Flac

Aquarium, Canon, Cathedral, Couline Bambou, Dolphin Point, Kei Sei 113 (wreck), L’ Eveille, Manioc, Park, Rempart Serpent, Rempart l’Herbe, Restaurant, Tug II (wreck).

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