The Zélée Bank Expedition

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10 Days (9 nights) 16 Dives (included) Up to 6 Passengers


Zélée is a reef located 110 km northeast of Mayotte and 122 km southwest of the Glorious Islands, as well as 300 km west of Madagascar's northern tip. The bank dominates the 3,500 m deep abyssal bottoms that separates it from Mayotte. In the shape of a crescent, with its points facing west, Zélée Bank only emerged at low tide, with the exception of a few rocks to the south. It is approximately 8 km long, its oval is about 5 km wide and occupies an area of 175 sqkm. The largest rock in the southern part rises to nearly 8 m, the others from 1 to 3 m and has some grasses and shrubs.


The Zélée Bank is a recognised scuba diving and fishing site. Humpback whales stay there during the southern winter. We can see mothers with their calves. However, this activity is subject to the control and authorisation of the administration of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories. Several foreign recreational vessels were arrested on this occasion and their diving equipment seized by the French Navy.


This reef, which must be more than 15 million years old, is very dangerous for navigation. It was discovered by the Arabs around 700 and has been represented on maps since about 800 AD. The Spanish rediscovered the reef around 1650 and called it "Arecife de Santo Antonio".

Economic aspect

From the French point of view, this reef is part of the Scattered Islands of the Indian Ocean (and administratively linked with them in the Fifth District of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories) and extends the French Exclusive Economic Zone of the Indian Ocean (which can extend 200 miles or 370.4 km from the baseline). Many pirate fishing vessels have been boarded in the area.

Trip Itinerary

The Geyser Bank

Day 1

Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard

Welcome of the customers at 1 pm, boarding on the boat, departure towards the Geyser bank, counted between 20 & 24 hours of navigation.

Days 2-8

Geyser Bank

Geyser Bank

Arrival on the Geyser bank. During the next 7 days, 2 dives per day with a minimum surface interval of 1 hour. The various diving sites are Beaver bank, Cape Sebastien.

Day 9

Sail back to Mistio

Sail back to Mistio

After the last dives in Cape Sebastien, we will set sails to the Mistio and set anchorage at the big Mistio.

Day 10

Way back to marina

Way back to marina

After 2 dives in the morning we will return to Nosy Be in the afternoon to finally disembark.

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Geyser Bank Expedition
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The Zélée Bank Expedition

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